Who are we?

Erdem Teknik Inc. which has an important place and major contributions at the maintenance service and spare parts sector since 1997 has upgraded company’s knowledge and experience to an international-professional business model with the support of systematic analyzes and solid investments under the name of BLCFiltration.
BLCFiltration is aiming to deliver best quality products at the most affordable prices to consumers and wholesalers. Especially in HEPA FİLTERS, DUST BAGS and VACUUM CLEAER ACSESSORİES needs.
With always widening range of products and solid investments BLCFiltration is keeping on hard working to deliver best quality products at the most affordable prices.

Our Vision

BLCFiltration which is following the pulse of the sector over 20 years is moving as a part of the vision which is always aiming forward. With a wide range of products and strong investments BLCFiltration is here to meet the demand of consumers and wholesalers.

Our Mission

Under the name of BLCFiltration we are always aiming to deliver best quality products at the most affordable prices to you. We are working to turn BLCFiltration brand into a quality standard and serving to you with the widening range of products every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

We go to the factories to check the standards of the production facilities of the companies that we import or produce in the domestic market, make sure that the product quality remains the same and undergo frequent inspections by staying in touch. If the product does not comply with the quality and exemplary business model policy of BLC brand, we make sharp decisions and do not make an agreement that will harm the name of our company.

Erdem Teknik and OBAŞ companies are the founders of the BLC Foreign Trading Inc. 

With over 20 years of experience in the service and spare parts sector, Erdem Teknik has adopted the principle of acting in line with the wishes of retail customers and wholesalers and providing quality and fast service. 

OBAS Textile Industry and Foreign Trade Inc. , With more than 10 years of experience in the import sector and dynamic competition has been bringing together manufacturers and wholesalers with world-class products. 

BLC Foreign Trade Inc. has become a global organization that can follow aggressive policies as a combination of Dynamism and Experience. 

Today, BLC is striving to make BLC registered name a global quality standard by moving under the name as BLC Filter in Vacuum Cleaner Accessories and Consumer Products sector. You can reach us any time you can direct any questions. 

We're here for you.

-BLC Filter 

BLC Foreign Trade Inc. is the main importer company for Vacuum Cleaner Accessories.It obtains the highest quality products from certified factories in high quantities and offers them to the wholesalers and retail consumers in the domestic and foreign markets at the most reasonable prices.

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